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Lake Wylie boundaries

By August 6, 2015January 8th, 2019No Comments

Lake Wylie Sunset - Property and Homes for Sale NC-SCWhoa, Whoa, whoa… Wait a second.  Where do I live?  Lake Wylie or Clover SC?

You mean we live in both Lake Wylie AND Clover?  How is that even possible?!

“In your opinion, what are the Lake Wylie boundaries?”, a local resident recently asked me.  The gentleman wasn’t talking about the lake itself.  Those boundaries are self-evident.  He was asking my opinion on the unofficial township of Lake Wylie: the cluster of neighborhoods and businesses we all commonly refer to as Lake Wylie, South Carolina.

It’s an interesting question.  Upon moving to Lake Wylie years ago I too suffered from multiple address disorder:

“Clover or Lake Wylie?  Clover or Lake Wylie?  Where do I live?  How do I address my envelopes?”

Since those first few confusing weeks I’ve always considered my home address Lake Wylie.  Lake Wylie is listed on my bank accounts and driver’s license.  But how far North, South or West does our unofficial township extend?

Google search “Lake Wylie boundaries”.  You may learn Lake Wylie is a CDP: Census Designated Place.  By definition CDPs have no set, legal boundaries.   The boundaries are open to interpretation and may not adhere to the local public’s idea or notion of the community’s actual borders.

The 2010 census draws boundary lines surrounding the Highway 49 peninsula, extending South along Lake Wylie Road & Tioga Pointe peninsula.  Hwy 274 is the western-most border.  A total of almost 8 square miles with many surrounding neighborhoods and businesses not included.

So what are the Lake Wylie boundaries?

  •  Are Food Lion, Lowes and Walmart all part of Lake Wylie?  I think so, but not according to the most recent 2010 census.
  • Should neighborhoods North of Hwy 49 (Mill Creek Falls, Pole Branch Road) be considered Lake Wylie?  Yes, I think so.  (Ask those homeowners, “Do you live in Lake Wylie or Clover?”  & I feel certain their answer would be, “Lake Wylie!”)

Do school assignments determine boundaries?

  • Is the entire Crowder’s Creek Elementary school district part of Lake Wylie?  Maybe.  If so, then…
  • Is the entire Oak Ridge Middle School district part of Lake Wylie?  Hmm…. I don’t know.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  (Maybe who cares.

A better depiction of our current boundaries may be York County’s recent study of the *Lake Wylie area plan.*

Either way our Lake Wylie-Clover SC community is a wonderful place to live and work.  We all benefit from a high quality of life, affordable housing, high ranking schools, nearby attractions and proximity to large cities.