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Clover School District 9th Grade academyIn a few short weeks Clover School District will welcome freshmen high school students to the new Clover School District Ninth Grade Academy.

The Ninth Grade Academy is the fifth and final project addressed by the 2014 Clover School District construction bond.  $9.1million was spent renovating the old Clover Middle School building into the new, stand-alone Ninth Grade Academy.

The other four bond projects, all now completed, included the construction of a new Clover Middle School and Oakridge Elementary School, as well as the new Clover School District YMCA in Lake Wylie and renovations to Clover Memorial Stadium.

As Clover School District’s Public Information Officer Bryan Dillon explains, “Basically, the 9th Grade Campus received a full face lift. The building is nearly 30 years old and it was brought up to current standards.”

Renovations include a new, modern technology center to replace the old library, flooring in cafeteria and gymnasium, new paint throughout the building, new air conditioning system in the gym, and new furniture in the science labs.  An athletic training room was added to the building for high school athletics, and a concession stand was built by the sports fields outside of the campus.

Dillon explains, “The front office and entrance were also reconfigured. It will have a warm, open feel to parents and students entering the building.”

To meet the district’s technology needs, much of the building was rewired as well.

The Clover School District Ninth Grade Academy will host an Open House on Monday, August 14th followed by a Freshmen First Day event on Tuesday the 15th.  The Freshmen First Day will allow incoming students to familiarize themselves with the new campus prior to the district’s official first day of school on Thursday the 17th.  For more info visit:

clover school district ninth grade academy