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The Vista – Lake Wylie’s newest neighborhood seeks county & neighbors’ approval

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** UPDATE **

As of May, 2019 York County Council has denied rezoning of this parcel.  The developer had previously sought county approval for a reduction of homes from 178 to 148 homes.  However, Lake Wylie residents concerns including increased road traffic as well as Clover School District’s concerns regarding school crowding, led county council to deny any sort of rezoning.  As currently zoned, the parcel would still allow for up to 89 homes to be built at The Vista Lake Wylie.  Check back for updates.

To watch the most recent county council meeting:


A new, large neighborhood in Lake Wylie is being met with resistance from York County planning & zoning and the adjacent land owners.

The Vista lake wylieThe Vista is Lake Wylie’s latest community.  The proposed neighborhood will sit on 180acres of land along the Mill Creek tributary at the already congested intersection of Hwy 274 and Pole Branch Road.  However, before construction can begin, a few issues must be sorted out.

Current zoning of the land allows for up to 89 residential units – anything from manufactured homes to million dollar properties.  However, if the maximum density allowed on the land per York County comprehensive plan was permitted then the 180acres could see well over 400+ residential units.

York County’s planning commission and The Vista developers are trying to find a happy medium that proves cost-effective for the developer/builder and congruent with the location, but first road issues and overall road congestion must be addressed.

For many years Lake Wylie residents and Belmont North Carolina commuters have complained about the Hwy 274/Pole Branch Road intersection and the terrible condition of Pole Branch Road.

As part of a “Pennies for Progress” sales tax increase, approved by voters in 2003, 2011 and again in late 2017, York County now has the $35million needed towards road improvements at The Vista intersection and along Pole Branch Road.  Construction bids open this month and work should begin in April with a completion date of 2020.

The Vista’s current development plan calls for 178 homes priced $500,000 and up and would include a $750,000 – $1,000,000 amenity center with pool and clubhouse.  The plan is under review with the county.  An approval by York County may include verbiage addressing the timeline for The Vista development to coincide with the intersection and road improvements.

The Vista’s current development plan also calls for two entrances – one near the Hwy 274 & Pole Branch Road intersection and another off Harper Davis Road.  The second entrance is what has surrounding land owners on Harper Davis Road concerned.

Extended generations of the Davis family live off Harper Davis Road – which also includes one of the very few farms still in operation in Lake Wylie.  Members of the Davis family and other nearby homeowners voiced their concern at a recent community meeting hosted by developers of The Vista.

The concern for those living down Harper Davis Road is that the road cannot handle the amount of increased traffic 178 homes are sure to bring.  Beyond that the likely increased congestion at the top of Harper Davis Road and the added cut-through traffic into The Vista are all concerns.

Bonterra Builders is currently on board for home construction.  $500,000 + homes on larger lot sizes would certainly be a welcome addition to the Lake Wylie area.

the vista

Current site plan for The Vista


Check back for further updates.