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At a Glance –

Rising to an elevation at 981ft above sea level, Nanny’s Mountain is visible to much of the surrounding Lake Wylie countryside.  A wide, gravel hiking trail winds its way up to the top while a fork in the trail loops visitors around the mountain side.  On clear days when the leaves are down visitors can see miles of Lake Wylie shoreline and uptown Charlotte skyscrapers.

The significance of Nanny’s Mountain dates back to the American Revolutionary War when iron was mined from the mountain to produce cannons, weapons and other goods.  Two open-air iron ore pits are still visible.  Some historians believe Nanny’s Mountain was a stop for runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad.

These days Nanny’s Mountain sees little activity other than hikers and wildlife enthusiasts.  Dogs are welcome but must be leashed.  Privately owned for many years, Nanny’s Mountain was sold to York County in 1997 and is maintained by York County Parks.



~ 100 acres


~ 1 mile of Hiking trails, Two Observations points, Picnic benches and Covered Shelter, Historical markers and sites

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Handsmill On Lake Wylie, Concord Road peninsula, Lake Wylie Road communities, Allison Creek Peninsula


1780 Nanny’s Mountain Park Road, York SC 29745 (off Liberty Hill Road and Hwy 274)  Visible throughout much of the area.  Tele# 803-366-6620

City/Zip: York SC, 29745

Around the Park

There are two iron ore mine sites on the property, but only one of them is identified for visitors.  The most visited mine is located approximately 100 yards up the trail on the left side.  Look for the markers.  You can’t miss it.

The other, lesser-known site, is located 20 yards off the right side of the trail (up the mountain side), before reaching the popular, visible mine site.  A security fence surrounds this deep opening.  Take precaution if venturing off the gravel trail.

Did You Know?

Nanny’s Mountain is actually a monadnock.  Wikipedia defines a monadnock as an, “isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain.”

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