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Lake Wylie, Clover Councilwoman – Allison Love

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Voice for Lake Wylie: York County Representative shares passion for her district.


“Follow Allison Love”, is a frequent suggestion made on social media by Lake Wylie residents to fellow neighbors and friends.  With good reason.  As the Lake Wylie and Clover (District 2) representative on York County Council, Allison maintains a strong online presence and engagement with the community as she advocates for the unincorporated Lake Wylie area and much of greater Clover.

A native of York County, Allison grew up in Rock Hill attending The Catawba School (now Westminster Catawba) and Winthrop College (Winthrop University).  She has lived in Lake Wylie since 1991 and for almost three decades has witnessed the area’s growth.

“For many years I watched our community expand without thought or consideration. I felt residents of Lake Wylie were not being heard. That’s why I ran for county council. District 2 is unique. We are a mix of rural and urban lifestyles. People can live on the lake or on a farm or anywhere in between. We have everything to offer – or nothing at all, without a plan.”

We spoke with Allison to learn more about her role on the York County Council, her opinion on the challenges District 2 is facing, and reasons all Lake Wylie and Clover residents should be proud of our community.

Allison Love Lake Wylie“Being aware and informed of ALL that happens in the county is a unique position.  Whether it’s zoning, economic development, fire service, landfills or something else.  I work well over forty hours a week on county council. Resolving complaints and engaging with the people of Lake Wylie and Clover, combined with the effort of planning and being proactive is a full-time job.

“The greatest challenge is having my fellow council members understand and appreciate our area.  There is a lot happening on the Lake Wylie side of the district. It’s important to me that the Clover side never feels left out.  The town of Clover is fortunate. They are in a position they can plan and control what they want and need. So much of that has passed Lake Wylie by.” 

In addition to councilwoman, Allison has previously served on other important committees and boards in York County.  These have included the Winthrop College Library Advisory Board, The Children’s Attention Home Charter School Board, and the York County Zoning Board of Appeals.  These past positions and experience have helped guide Allison in her current role.

“I feel responsible to the people of Lake Wylie and Clover, and I believe in involving people and making them part of a solution. I am open minded and fair. You may not always like my answers, but I always go to bat for our residents. I never take a first ‘NO’ as an answer.  Hopefully this positive mindset sets the tone in District 2. We cannot fix everything, but I work hard to make every situation the very best it can be.”

Speaking about current and future challenges Lake Wylie faces, Allison brings up points of interest which are front of mind for many residents.  Housing, roadways, and traffic are always hot topics for Lake Wylie residents.  Allison acknowledges these concerns and has worked tirelessly on these issues with County Council.

“The most pressing challenge is the density issue. The strains on our infrastructure will increase without some relief from development. We live in a great area. The cost of living in a great area is that more people want to live here too. We have limitations in Lake Wylie that differ from other parts of the county.  One way ‘in and out’ on Hwy 49 and Hwy 274 is a hardship.

“We reached the point of diminishing return on development a few years back in my opinion. We still have about 6000 homes slated to be built, but I think the mindset regarding development is evolving as people want to preserve and protect the area.

“During my term, York County Council has not approved any additional rezoning for higher density housing.  I believe I have succeeded in making the case for different measures in the fast-growing Lake Wylie area.” 

There are other issues and challenges Allison sees for our district. However, there have been achievements made during her tenure as well.

“The high cost of water for many Lake Wylie residents is a big challenge.  Greenspace is also a priority.  More of our available land should be set aside.  It needs to be walkable and usable within neighborhoods.

“In June, Council passed and updated our storm water ordinance. For two years, I pushed for this update. We now have a stronger, more enforceable code that will help protect our lake and waterways.  Also, I am very proud of the new lighting ordinance.  I brought this idea to Council in 2015 and have never given up on it.  We finally passed the ordinance to limit light pollution – countywide.  It applies to both commercial and residential lighting.  There are stars above York County, and we will be able to see them!”

When asked how local residents can proactively interact within the community, Allison points to cooperation and engagement opportunities.

“The idea of the Clover and Lake Wylie areas supporting one another and seeing value in our district as a whole remains a goal of mine.  Sometimes the lack of a common thread is a challenge.  We all have a lot to be thankful for.

“I encourage people to attend the monthly County Council meetings and workshops.  Usually people get involved when something hits home for them.  However, the fact is that even something taking places miles away affects us all. Involvement is often the catalyst for solutions.

“Also, each month I hold a community meeting at an area restaurant. It’s an opportunity to support local businesses and allow folks to meet and mingle with one another. So many people are new to our area. I want to keep District 2 as small-community minded as possible.  The more of us that know each other the better.  These restaurant events are always well attended.” 

When she’s not meeting with, or working on behalf of, Lake Wylie and Clover residents, Allison is often at her jewelry store in Rock Hill, Allison Love’s Fine Jewelry.  A well-trained staff at the store plus Allison’s strong knowledge of jewelry and diamonds (she grew up in the business) affords Allison the opportunity to ‘work from work’ between customers.  The residents of District 2 are never far from her mind.

“The best part of being a council representative is all the new people I get to meet.  I love it.  The people of York County are our biggest asset.  Being a councilwoman can be difficult at times but the good far outweighs the challenges.” 


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York County Council MapYork County, South Carolina is comprised of seven districts, each with their own representative serving four-year terms.   The County Council works on behalf of the people of York County, the taxpayers, and is involved in all areas of county government. For larger district map: York County Council Map 2018