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New Clover School District Superintendent – Dr. Sheila Quinn

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In her return to Clover schools, Dr. Quinn shares goals and praises community involvement


Clover School District Superintendent Dr. Sheila Quinn

Dr. Sheila Quinn

Dr. Sheila Quinn, a Lake Wylie resident and distinguished educator, was recently named the next Clover School District Superintendent.  In the coming months Dr. Quinn will work closely with current superintendent Dr. Marc Sosne, who retires at the end of this school year.  For Dr. Quinn the new position represents a homecoming of sorts.

A long-time York County resident, Dr. Quinn first moved to the area in 1987 to attend college at Winthrop.  Since that time, and in addition to obtaining Masters and Doctorate degrees, Dr. Quinn has worked within the Rock Hill School District and the Clover School District, most recently as a Clover School District Associate Superintendent from 2010 – 2015.

However, for the past three years Dr. Quinn’s work with the South Carolina State Department of Education has required her to travel back and forth to Columbia.  With an official start date of July 1st as the new superintendent, Dr. Quinn returns home to the Clover School District.  She is eager to get started.

“One of the things I am looking forward to in the short-term transition period is getting into every school and into the community for what I am calling a ‘listening tour’. I specifically want to know from the perspectives of our parents, teachers, and students what they are proud of, what needs improvement, and what are some opportunities for growth.” 

Looking ahead at her tenure as superintendent, Dr. Quinn wants to target several primary objectives.

“When I think about what it means to have a world class education system, I think in terms of four key components where long-term and short-term goals should be focused.   

“The first one is Relationships.  My goal is for CSD to continue building trusting, collaborative, and productive relationships with parents, students, teachers, and our wider CSD community.

“The second component is Student Achievement.  The core business of the school system is teaching and learning; therefore, my goal is to leverage all resources, operations, and support of schools to ensure that EVERY student is prepared for his or her individual post-secondary college, career, and civic opportunities. This goal means that we must be nimble enough to personalize learning for our students.

“The third component can be summarized as strong Support Systems – programs and structures around the classroom that advance teaching and learning and create opportunities for students to thrive. This includes attracting high quality teachers, leaders, and support staff; ensuring all facilities, grounds, and technology are safe and progressive; and providing strong extra-curricular and co-curricular programs for students to explore their passions and find their strengths.  

“The last component is Culture. Clover School District’s motto is, ‘Each Child, Each Day…Excellence.’  My goal is to ensure we live that motto every day with a high performing culture of excellence in all that we do as adults and all that our students do both inside and outside the classroom.” 

A parent of two current Clover students (a senior and a sophomore at Clover High), Dr. Quinn is extremely proud of the school district’s accomplishments and is determined that Clover schools maintain their high level of achievement.

“Clover School District is growing in numbers. We want to ensure as we get bigger that we keep the personal touch which has been our trademark.  We also want to ensure that we continue to stay on the cutting edge of academic programs including opportunities to learn a second language, to participate in internships and apprenticeships, and to leverage our technology platform for today’s careers in digital literacy, coding, and programming.”

State and federal laws require public schools to release report cards to the public each year.  South Carolina will soon implement a new model by which schools are ranked and scored.  Dr. Quinn views this as an opportunity for Clover schools to surpass current standards.

“Beyond just state test scores, a measure for which Clover already does very well, the new model will also look at growth, student engagement, graduation rate, college and career readiness levels, and English language proficiency of students for whom English is not their first language. While I believe Clover will still be among the highest performing districts in our state, I think we will find there is room to improve across all of these metrics.”

The overall positive impact the high-performing Clover School District has on the greater Clover/Lake Wylie community cannot be understated.  Clover schools are a great source of pride for all area residents.  In addition to preserving housing values, the school district fosters many strong bonds within the community.  Dr. Quinn recognizes the multiple ways in which the community, in turn, supports students and their families.

clover high school clover sc

Clover High School

“I never cease to be amazed by the level of support the Clover community provides to our school district. The high school auditorium is always packed for Choraliers performances. Attendance in the stands for our sports teams and band is on the rise, and as the mother of a senior in high school, I have been completely blown away by the number of local scholarships our community supports for graduating seniors. 

“We always want to grow the number of community members who engage directly with our students, as mentors and supporters. Developing empathetic, compassionate, and well-rounded youth is a big part of our strategic plan. Many adults in our community have a great deal to offer our students in this area. We need more businesses in the Clover, Lake Wylie, and South Charlotte areas to host our students in internships, travel, and other real-world project-based learning opportunities so that they can apply what they are learning in relevant ways.” 

In her spare time, Dr. Quinn remains involved within the community.  She is a member of Lake Wylie Lions Club and Clover Rotary Club.  She enjoys sports and states some of the best times of her life have been spent supporting school and club teams and watching her son and daughter compete.

Dr. Quinn is an avid fan of the arts as well, often attending performances at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and enjoys boating on Lake Wylie with her husband and exercising at the YMCA.

As she prepares for her new position as superintendent, Dr. Quinn acknowledges the sacrifices she has made and looks forward to working with the Clover School District once again.

“I have been commuting to Columbia the last three years. It will be nice to be closer to home.”

We wish Dr. Quinn the very best!


Dr. Sheila Quinn has served as the Deputy State Superintendent for Innovation and Effectiveness at the South Carolina State Department of Education since 2015.  She served as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Administrative Services in Clover School District for five years and as the Executive Director of Middle and Secondary Education for Rock Hill School District for four years.  Prior to that Dr. Quinn served in the Rock Hill School District as Director of Curriculum, Instructional Specialist, Assistant Principal for Academics, and as an English teacher. She taught one year in Winston-Salem NC. Dr. Quinn received her Doctor of Education from Gardner-Webb University, her Masters in Administration and Supervision from Winthrop University, and her Bachelor degree in Secondary Education from Winthrop College.