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At a Glance

Oakridge Middle school, one of two middle schools in the Clover School District, serves the unincorporated Lake Wylie area.  Oakridge Middle is home to 950 students and 54 certified teachers on the school staff with 22 teacher receiving national board certification.

The Oakridge Middle School mission statement is to, “be a place where students are challenged by rigorous, relevant, and engaging academics, develop good citizenship and are encouraged to explore their personal interests. OMS will build an outstanding relationship among the staff, parents, and community.”

A diverse group of educators with varied backgrounds and expertise creates a unique opportunity for the students at Oakridge Middle.  Faculty/Staff members have attended over fifty different institutes of higher learning and provide a wealth of knowledge and experiences.  As a result, Oakridge Middle students are exposed to a number of educational and extracurricular opportunities not found at typical middle schools.


Grade Levels

6th thru 8th


Over half of Oakridge Middle students score at the Exemplary level on PASS english language arts and mathematics.  A large majority score at the Met level on Pass science.  Further accomplishments include Palmetto Gold & Silver for Sports Conference Champions, Honors Chorus 2nd in State, 17th in Scholastics World Summer Reading.  OMS also features 2 State Lego robotics teams.


Clover School District – Public


5657 Oakridge Road, Clover SC 29710 | Tele# 803-631-8000 | Oakridge Website.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Include – Mill Creek Falls, The Landing, River Hills, Autumn Cove, Handsmill on Lake Wylie, Lake Wylie Road communities and more.

Around the Campus

oakridge middle school clover sc
oakridge middle school clover sc
oakridge middle school clover sc
oakridge middle school clover sc
oakridge middle school clover sc